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Luxury large gold embossed,scented, monogrammed, calligraphy parchment letter


Includes FLAT (LINED) ENVELOPE and one page(extra pages you can be purchased via the drop down menu).


Scented, gold edged calligraphy, parchment paper.


If you are looking for an antique looking authentic personalised keepsake look no further!


A beautiful gold embossed calligraphy hand crafted letter on scented parchment. The envelope is parchment lined with your loved one’s name intertwined amongst Christmas carols, finished with a monogrammed wax seal or a simple flourish stamp.


You can have more than one addressee on this letter! A 1 page letter typically holds between 150-175 words for best composition.


Generously gift wrapped in tissue and ribbon and sealed with “hand delivered via Elf Mail’, this is your perfect addition to your Christmas Eve Box! Why not make this your Christmas tradition?


This is the perfect keepsake to treasure for a life time!


How to order:

1. Please read through the templates provided in the images and let us know which one you would like to use on your luxury letter using the personalisation options availble.

2. Please let us know the names of the recipients that you would like to be included on the letter.

(You can have more that one name on each letter)

3. If you would like to use a template but add to it, please make us aware of this by selecting the "add extra page" these are availble for £10 each. You will be able to send us your extra wording via a pop up page when you head to the checkout.


**Please be aware that if you have more than one page, the letters will be prepared on a slightly lighter paper to ensure that they fit into the scroll holder neatly.


Hint: If you have more than one child, why not add an an extra page and address one page to each child, rather than ordering two **Make sure to put in the right shipping details when you check out! Also, tell us the correct names and address for the special red envelope holding the scroll/letter, with your child's name for decoration!

Lapland Invitation Authentic FLAT LETTER (DL SIZE)


Health & Safety

NB. Please beware these scrolls and letters are not toys. Wax seals are a choking hazard. Products are scented may cause allergies.

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