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  • Q. What is the difference between a letter and a scroll?
    A) The scroll is an A4 handcrafted letter rolled and tied with ribbon and waxed sealed with FC or SC monogram. It is placed in a handcrafted tube with your child’s name on the front (or whatever your choose)! It is decorated with ribbon and also wax sealed. Then wrapped in festive tartan tissue and ribbon and place in a plain(add £1.50) or festive Jiffy bag and sent to you. B) The letter is an A4 handcrafted Letter folded into a DL gold embossed envelope, that is lined with your loved one’s name entwined with Christmas carols. Then wrapped in festive tartan tissue and ribbon and place in a plain or festive monogrammed red envelope and sent to you (Additional plain envelopes can be purchased on request!) Plain envelope for Letter +50p Plain extra large jiffy +£1.50
  • Q. What are your lead times?
    A. We aim for Next day 1st class delivery for letters. This may vary depending how near it is to Christmas when you purchase your letter, (as Christmas post is notably busy from September 1st). We get very busy from the 1st week in September so be quick to order! We give a 3 day turnaround in busier periods.
  • Q. Can I have it signed from Santa?
    A. Yes, sign your letter from The Elves or Mrs Christmas! Just let us know!
  • Q. My loved ones have allergies can I have an unscented letter?
    A. Of course please let us know your requirements
  • Q. Can I have the letter addressed to more than one child.
    A. Of course - If your wording goes over the one page, you can just ask for extra pages. Why don’t you address one page for each child? This saves on individual letter costs!
  • Q. The large letter has a word count of 175 if they want to personalise it, Is this the same for the scroll?
    A) yes it is!
  • Q. How will my letter arrive?
    A. In a red A5 envelope addressed to you (a plain one can be added foe an extra £1) The Father Christmas letter will be wrapped inside so that you can present it to your loved one any time you like! Please make sure address is the correct. Please be clear whether I am am sending to you or your child) I am sending the letter too, or notify us if any difference!
  • Q. Where do I leave my Father Christmas message so the letter can be made up?
    A. In private messages please! Too large for one message? Leave your message over two or three messages, I will confirm receipt of them all!
  • Q. What is the word limit of a letter?
    A. Both letters and scrolls can hold up to 175 words. If you have more to say, please add an extra page to your order at checkout using the personalisation settings. NB. If you order more than one page, I will use a slightly thinner parchment paper to ensure that the pages fit into the scroll holder or envelope. The maximum number of pages available is three.
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