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Our Story

Welcome to Brookside Cottage Crafts, nestled in the heart of Cheshire!


It all began when a friend approached me, seeking a personalised letter from Father Christmas for their child. As word spread, more friends expressed interest in spreading good cheer through heartfelt messages.

Year by year, the demand grew. I started showcasing examples at Christmas fairs, sharing my email for inquiries. The following year, I expanded to online selling platforms.


From working on a humble second-hand bureau to establishing my own workshop here at Brookside Cottage, Brookside Cottage Crafts flourished.

Today, Brookside Cottage Crafts is a thriving cottage business, enchanting countless hearts with magic and joy. I take pride in delivering Christmas messages that touch both children and adults alike.

It's been a joy to bring cherished memories and traditions into homes worldwide over the years. And I look forward to continuing this tradition for many more years to come.

Zoe x
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